Yukio Yokoyama piano recital  

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The date and time: The curtain rises at 13:30 on Thursday, February 22, 2018 (the 12:30 opening)
Admission: It is given priority to * reservation including 2,500 yen (3,000 yen on that day) * admission charges    

Appearance: Yukio Yokoyama


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Ability of popularity plays an active part in the youngest as top artist leading music circles together since winning a prize as successive Japanese in Chopin international contest in 1990.
"Chopin passport" given 100 artists in the world that performed particularly remarkable artwork for work of Chopin from the Polish government in 2010 is conferred.
We play "212 pieces" in "all 166 pieces of Chopin piano solo concerts" and 2011 in the same year and authorize in Guinness world record as "Aristrist which is alone, and played the number of most music in 24 hours". This performance changes form little by little every year and becomes annual concert of Golden Week.
Agency for Cultural Affairs art festival record section award for excellence, the international Friedrich List Prize record Grand Prix highest award prosper, and CD wins a certain prize. The latest CD "fantasy" (are infini SONY music / Muses).
Ueno Gakuen University's professor, Elizabeth University of Music guest professor, association of Japanese Paderewski's chairperson.
Official site http://yokoyamayukio.net/

Contents announce the day!
※We plan two copies of constitution, around 90 minutes to sandwich break 15 minutes.
※It is all unreserved seats.
※Admission is limited to one where is higher than junior high student.
※Please refrain from carry-on of food and drink in hall and smoking, shooting, recording in hall.
※On the day please use the second parking lot on slope. In addition, parking space has limit.
You ride on as much as possible, and come.
※On the day you can see representing holding plan exhibition "snow" and permanent exhibition.
※Please note that you cannot enter before opening time.
※Venue is equipped with air-conditioning, but please bring rugs, if necessary.
※Please refrain from entrance leaving on the way on the way.
Apply by telephone or FAX.
On reservation, tell about * name * phone number * reservation number of people.
〒Mt. 502-0071 Fukudo, Nagara, Gifu-shi, Gifu 3535
TEL: 058-295-3535 FAX: 058-232-5130