Cello & piano concert
 Performance scenery of the year before last
The date and time: The curtain rises at 13:30 on Saturday, May 16, 2015 (the 12:30 opening)
Admission: All * seat freedom including 2,000 yen (2,500 yen on that day) * admission charges     

 Appearance: Yuko Miyagawa (cello)
     Kishi Yamamoto (piano)


Yuko Miyagawa YukoMiyagawa
We are a graduate from Toho Gakuen girls' high school music department and, through university's D pro Macau, graduate from the House of Salzburg motsuaruteumu music top and get university academy completion, title of Magian star. Solo CD wins "cello knocking at heart" (the Mainichi Shimbun) and great admiration by sound and power of expression that "prayer of soruveigu" (Victor) is warm like "tune of song". We are based in Germany with Japan and are playing an active part in world wide now. "We attach Con Anima - soul" and are appreciated long-awaited new album which we released in 2014.

Kishi Yamamoto TakashiYamamoto
We are from Nagano for 1,983 years. In 2002 nenkirihojokokotogakukoongakuka (coeducation), we graduate from Warsaw Fryderyk Chopin University of Music at the top in 2008. Member of 04 Agency for Cultural Affairs rising artist study abroad training. We study under Masayasu Oshima, Yoshimi Tamaki, piotoru parechini. A lot of receiving a prize careers including 2005 Chopin international piano contest fourth place winning a prize. CD from avex-CLASSICS Chopin: We release collection of waltzes and collection of nocturne. The world of delicate sound and performance full of vitality are appreciated and are one of the most prospective young pianists now. We are resident in Poland Warsaw now.

※It is all unreserved seats.
※Admission is limited to one where is higher than junior high student.
※Please refrain from carry-on of food and drink in hall and smoking, shooting, recording in hall.
※On the day holding plan exhibition "flower art exhibition of the sum" and temporary exhibition "Sanko art museum masterpiece Collection exhibition"
You can see this.
We make a reservation by telephone or FAX and are accepting!
On reservation, tell about the name, phone number, the reservation number of people.
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TEL: 058-295-3535 FAX: 058-232-5130