Memory art exhibition of the twelfth summer

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※To group, elementary school with much number of the application: You input into list to prevent input error, and please submit by email attachment.
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[work reception desk] From Sunday, August 28, 2016 to Friday, September 9 ※It must arrive by 9th <Tuesday closing / opening time from 9:00 to 17:00>
[exhibition qualification]  Primary schoolchild resident in in Gifu-shi and the suburbs
[theme] "Memory of summer"…What we experienced in summer vacation, anything including thing which we looked at are possible.
[work standard] One piece of quartering drawing paper 
       ※Plane work using pastel crayon, picture in watercolors. Eggshell, thing which is easy to come off including beads are impossible.
[exhibition method] This hotel bringing in exhibition by school unit and individuals or mail.
          (you attach "attaching table" on work by all means, and you attach predetermined application, and please submit)

[display period] From Wednesday, September 14, 2016 to 28th Wednesday 
          ※We display all exhibition works.
[venue] Sanko Museum large hall and middle corridor
[examination] Kumasaki victory (Eizo & Toichi Kato Memorial Art Museum director)
Yoshihisa Hasegawa (Nagoya University of Arts part-time teacher)
[prize] Sanko Museum award, Gifu Board of Education prize, Gifu-shi Board of Education prize
       Gifu newspaper publisher prize, Sanko Museum director Prize, award for excellence, excellent work Prize, fine work Prize
       *We will tell about examination result through Gifu Shimbun-sha newspaper and school.
       *We do not accept inquiry and formal objection about examination
         Please approve nodego.

*Exhibition is limited to one point of one.
*Participation is free.
*In the one won in high rank, I would like attendance in commendation ceremony (10:00 ...) on Thursday (holiday) on September 22.
*Limit admission is free to protector two people with participant once during session. Please bring notice.
*We present souvenir to all the participants of visit.
*After exhibition, we return work through elementary school and picture classroom.
*We manage work in this hotel, but and are damaged forgetting by natural disaster or inevitability
 We cannot take responsibility that we are assigned to this.

Sponsorship / Sanko Museum cosponsorship / Sanko
Support / Gifu Board of Education, Gifu-shi Board of Education, Gifu newspaper publisher, Gifu Chan

Any questions, please feel free to contact at the following.

Sanko Museum
〒Mt. 502-0071 Fukudo, Nagara, Gifu-shi, Gifu 3535
TEL: 058-295-3535
FAX: 058-232-5130

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