A time of gaiety
Send to work of ... Handel and Scarlatti; and ...

     Mina Ogiso (soprano) Tamami Uchida (soprano)  Mizuho Suda (piano)

The date and time: Sunday, March 13, 2015 start 13:30 (opening 12:30) 

Appearance: Mina Ogiso (soprano), Tamami Uchida (soprano), Mizuho Suda (piano)
※Performer was changed to Yukiko Watanabe (soprano) ⇒ Mina Ogiso (soprano). Thank you for your understanding.       

Mina Ogiso (soprano)
We are from Mizunami-shi. Kunitachi Music College music department vocal music department graduation, the university's academy music graduate course vocal music specialty completion.
"Marriage of FIGARO" Susanna, "Don Giovanni" Zell Lena, "evening crane" tsuu,
The part of "Carmen" Micah gills, it is soprano solo of "the glow rear" "Matthew Passion music" again
We appear on nado, large number of opera and concerts. So far Kashiko Kato, Mihoko Kanke,
We study under Sachie Nakayama, Shizue Makiyama, each person of Rie Akiyama.

Tamami Uchida (soprano)
We are from Seki-shi. Tokyo College of Music music department music subject instrumental music specialty (piano) graduation, Tokyo art university Graduate School music graduate course
Master's course vocal music specialty (solo department) completion. We visit Italy after the graduation from university and begin to learn vocal music. In Italy
We serve and worked as sports rate opera house pianist, but are acquiring study as soprano singer now.
We hold solo recital in 2013 and 2015. We belong to Tokyo Medical University human body tectonics lecture as specialty life now,
We study utterance, vocal music performance medically.

Mizuho Suda (piano)
We are from Gifu-shi. Tokyo art university music department instrumental music department piano specialty graduation. We study in Hungary after the graduation. The House of list music
We graduate from master's course classical music instrumental performance (piano) of this. Completely return home in July, 2015, in September in Gifu
We perform triumphant return solo recital. We accompany piano instruction, solfeggio instruction now in Tokai area,
Chamber music, musical piece arrangement are active widely.

Less than admission (it includes admission charges) reservation public 2,000 yen / high school student 1,500 yen ※The day is for each 500 yen increase
 ※Entrance of preschool child is impossible.
 ※It is all unreserved seats.
 ※Please refrain from eating and drinking, smoking, photography in hall.
 ※Car, please use the second parking lot on slope (70 free of charge).

We make a reservation and are accepting by telephone, FAX!
 On reservation, tell about the name, the reservation number of people, phone number.
〒Mt. 502-0071 Fukudo, Nagara, Gifu-shi, Gifu 3535
TEL: 058-295-3535 FAX: 058-232-5130