Concert of Chinese biwa and erhu


       Xiao Ron (Chinese biwa)       *yuki* (erhu)

<the date and time>
Sunday, November 27, 2016 start 14:00 (opening 13:00) 

Desert of month /Biwa, erhu, makihitsujijo /Erhu, Han shrine Akizuki /Biwa, erhu 
Introduction of "five stringed of biwas" 
Priest's staff daughter Wu Hou composition /Five stringed of biwas, *rokukai*kyoku**gunsakukyoku /Five stringed of biwas
Japan and China medley, movie medley and others

※Program may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

<performer profile>
Xiao Ron (Chinese biwa)
We are a graduate from the House of Beijing, Kunitachi center music. We study under the Liu virtue sea of living national treasure grade.
We win prize for excellent art at Shanghai art festival. We study in Tokyo University of the Arts.
It is performance with Shoso-in treasure five-stringed biwa biwa (the reconstruction) existing by Agency for Cultural Affairs dispatch in Japan alone in the world in American cities and the United Nations.
We appear as soloist of opera "Marco Polo" of tongue dun composition by Japan Philharmonic Orchestra performance.
We play with Munich Philharmonic Orchestra with tongue dun composition "biwa concerto" in 2009,
2010 Janacek string quartet and costarring. 2013 Czech philharmony string quartet and costarring.
It is world premiere with tongue dun new Silk Road music map symphony five stringed biwa for 2,014 years.
We appear on NHK world heritage dream tour five stringed biwa in 2015.

*yuki* (erhu)
We play an active part as erhu player of Shanghai race orchestra in the media such as Chinese TV, radio.
We give a concert after the visit to Japan throughout Japan around Tokyo. Of NHK TV saga "Hideyoshi" and Ennosuke Ichikawa of 1999
We play performance during drama of super Kabuki "kaguya" "okuninushi", signature tune of "NEWS23" of Tetsuya Chikushi affiliated with TBS
We do and play an active part in various fields. As well as Chinese folk music traditional Japanese music musician and classical music, jazz
  We work on collaboration with musician of other genres eagerly.
We release album "*" "love song, erhu" "melody, erhu of endlessness".

Venue: Sanko Museum large hall (permanent construction exhibition room)
Admission (it includes admission charges): Reservation 2,000 yen (2,500 yen on that day)


 ※It is all unreserved seats.
 ※Admission is limited to one where is higher than junior high student.
 ※Please refrain from eating and drinking, smoking, photography in hall.
 ※Car, please use the second parking lot on slope. As number includes limit
  You ride on as much as possible, and come.
 ※You cannot enter before opening time.
 ※On the day coming person can enter, but takes first priority toward the reservation.
 ※On the day, as for the reservation, payment should be chisel.

Reservation, inquiry
We accept by telephone or FAX.
TEL: 058-295-3535 FAX: 058-232-5130
On reservation, tell about the name, the reservation number of people, phone number.
Sanko Museum
〒Mt. 502-0071 Fukudo, Nagara, Gifu-shi, Gifu 3535
TEL: 058-295-3535 FAX: 058-232-5130